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Why you need mentors for relationships?

There are very few things in the world that are more important than your relationships. Relations contribute a lot to your happiness. Using mentors for relationships is the most effective way to invest in your happiness.

We help with

Improve your relationship

Our dedicated and experienced Eeva Mentors will help you understand the dynamics of your relationship and will guide you to make better decisions to improve your relationship. Know more

Create new relationship
From evaluating your options to guiding you in your journey through the most important decision of your life, our Eeva Mentors will help you in a way that even your family members cannot match. Know more
Join as Mentor

Our EMs are educated, experienced, and objective people who get their happiness from how happy you are in your relationship. Our unique assessment program along with highly effective feedback loop helps us to have the best mentors you can get.

  • Do you get happiness when helping others?
  • Are you interested in understanding people and their hidden intentions?
  • Do you often help others in their relationships?
  • Are you emotionally stable?
  • Have time to listen and mentor?
Evaluate your Relationship

Take our relationship evaluation and see in which areas you are doing good and find areas for improvement. This tool is in Beta now, and we are working hard to improve its quality. But we believe it will give some useful information for you.

Wish Them Happiness

Have you ever been to party/function to wish a couple, and wondered what is the best gift you can give to them? Why not actually do something that helps them to be happy in that new relationship? Gift Eeva Subscription to your loved ones and get a 50% discount.