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Couple Counseling

We all know that long term romantic relationships are hard work. They require regular maintenance to keep the relationship well and good. If there are problems in a relationship, it's best to get it fixed right away to avoid complications in the future.

Often times we do fix the relationship problems ourselves. Other times, we need to rely on professionals like relationship counselors to fix our relationship problems. For many couples, when it comes to relationships, they often ignore taking action until the situation is out of control and difficult to handle.

Unfortunately, most of the couples attend couples therapy after the significant damage has already been done. Like, the emotional connection between partners has been severely weakened and a toxic relationship for years between partners due to unresolved past conflicts. The list can go to many.

Because of misconceptions about couples counseling and its purpose also prevents the couple to seek relationship help early on. Some might think that couples therapy is only needed for serious problems in a relationship. Others may think it as an effort before taking a decision to end the relationship.

Many couples don't know the advantages of couples therapy in treating a variety of relationship problems. They are not aware of how organized couples therapy can be at improving overall relationship satisfaction that affects a couple's mental health.

What is couples counseling or couples therapy?

Couples therapy is a kind of counseling service in which a qualified relationship counselor works with helping couples in a romantic relationship, resolve conflicts and improve relationship satisfaction.

Regardless of whether you call it couples therapy or couple counseling, this kind of engagement with a certified relationship counselor gives the couple a chance to work through their toxic relationship and improve their relationships. The relationship problems can range from simple communication issues to physical abuse issues.

Couples therapy can be an extraordinary way to reconnect with your partner and make sure you keep and maintain a healthier relationship.

Remember, it's never too late to start putting little more effort to fix your relationship conflicts.  Couple counseling is also a relationship-saving resource for couples.

Who needs a couple counseling?

Couples counseling is beneficial for any kind of relationship, whether partners are dating, prepared for marriage, engaged or married. A recently engaged couple or the couples preparing for marriage can use our pre-marriage counseling to address the relationship expectations prior to getting married.

Couple therapy can resolve the couple's current problems, prevent relationship problems or simply provide a checkup for a happy couple. The common areas to address in couples therapy include financial issues, issues with in-laws,  emotional disturbance and frequent conflicts.

What problems can benefit from counseling?

Couples come to counseling for a number of issues include sex, communication, and major life changes such as getting married or already in a relationship. Couples therapy is a good idea if one of the partners is coping with an issue that is affecting your relationship(such as emotional disturbance or depression) or simply if you feel stuck in your relationship.

Communication is always a big concern for many couples. But simply talking to each other is not sufficient. The communication between couples should be effective.  Both partners need to hear respect and care for each other. Our counselors analyze old communication patterns and replace them with effective ones.

People might also consider couples therapy to get support at the time of getting married, becoming partners for the first time. Couples could benefit from the issues regarding ex-relationships.

Couple counseling allows couples to talk through their interpersonal feelings and figure out how the relationship may or may not be meeting their expectations.

Why seek couple counseling at Eeva?

Couples who engage in couple counseling at Eeva can expect to improve communication and emotional connection between partners.  Eeva focuses on providing safe space for you and your partner to openly discuss obstacles within your relationship, and make you grow as a happy couple.

At Eeva, we help couples from all walks of life build stronger and healthier relationships. Our knowledge and experienced relationship counselors offer something of value to couples at every stage of life cycle, from pre-marriage counseling to post marriage challenges. Happy relationships are our passion, and we help you make the most of yours.

When relationship problems persist for two months or longer, even a brief discussion with our couple counselor can be helpful in setting a healthy partnership on better counseling.

Our counselors provide the acceptance, support and active feedback to help you get there. In the end, you can feel surer of what you want, and more control over how you handle your life.