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Why do I need a Mentor?

1. Neutral 3rd party in a relationship
2. Difficult to think objectively when involved in emotions.
3. Everyone needs a push, we are all lazy.
4. It is like an outsourcing of your thinking system a bit.

Who and Where are the mentors from?

You can see the profile of the mentors assigned to you. We provide the profiles of all mentors available on our website. Mentors will be assigned based on your location, language, community and economic background.

What is the qualification of your mentors, Do they have any certificate as a relationship mentor?

Some mentors might have done courses in psychology. But most will not be having any such professional qualification, but will be having a great life experience. Mentors go through the special training and screening program. Eeva is a new service and we don’t think there will be any certification for this. We depend on the power of feedback and assessment for getting quality Mentors.

What is the mode of mentoring?

Mostly text messages via Whatsapp or through our Eeva App. Sometimes based on request some mentors will be available for a call. Phone calls need to be scheduled in advance with the mentor.

Would you maintain confidentiality and secrecy about the sessions?

All communication with mentors is confidential. Mentors go through training and screening program. Your communication with mentors will not be visible to others unless shared by you.

What’s expected of me as a client?

Be open with your mentor. They are here to help you.

Does Eeva take on every person who wants to become a client?

As long as both people in a relationship subscribe, yes we take everyone.

What are the areas you can help in an existing relationship?

We cover all areas in a relationship as long as it affects the quality of the relationship.

What is the process you help me in creating a new relationship?

1. You can ask EMs about decisions you make while searching for your partner.
2. Our EMs can suggest matches based on your profile.
3. We can make the call and see if your known contact is available and interested in finding a partner.

What if I don’t like the first session?

There are no sessions, it is a continues to service.

You can provide feedback about your mentors to us. We use this feedback to assess the quality of mentors. We can replace mentors if we think that will be helpful to you.

You can always discontinue our subscription. It is always postpaid. So you will not be charged for the current month if you cancel your subscription.

What is the cost of this service?

We have not fully finalized the pricing. But currently, 599/- per month per relation is our idea

How personality assessment will be done. Do you put any test?

Yes. It will be a simple question and answer session on our Mobile App. It might take 30min to take this online test.

Are results guaranteed?

Nope. But our success depends on your happiness. So we will find a way for you to be happier in your relationship. 😊