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Join as Counselor

Eeva is the best platform for mentors, here is why?

At your convenient time

Help others whenever you have time. No need to dedicate fixed time. Eeva customers subscribe for a long term. There is hardly any need for immediate response for any queries. Also, you will be paired with other mentors for each relationship. So even if you are not available for some days, other mentors will be able to interact with the couple.

You are matched by Eeva

Eeva assigns relationships for you based on your profile, language, lifestyle, and experience. So no need to waste your time dealing with people who do not match your areas of expertise.

Powerful tools made just for you

Eeva provides mobile application custom built for this specific purpose. It enables you to interact with your customers, suggests habits, track the progress of habits, and interact with other EMs privately. Our mobile app will allow you to tag conversations, quickly jump to history and even share articles and videos with the relationships.

So how does it work?

Register and take assessment test

Register on Eeva Mentors Mobile app. The App will take your profile information and will ask you to take the assessment test. This test will help us assess the quality and your experience.

Interview with other EMs

Each qualified candidate in the assessment test will be scheduled for interviews with 3 existing EMs. These EMs will be selected by Eeva based on the profile of the mentor.

Start mentoring

After interviews, you are ready to start if qualified. We provide initial training material, which includes what is Eeva, how it is different than other professional consulting services.