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Pre Marriage Counseling

Are you preparing for marriage? Then you are in the right place.

Marriage is an achievement that should be handled with utmost care and sensitivity. At Eeva, we identify this. Through pre-marriage counseling, our pre-marriage counselors work with a couple preparing for marriage so as to analyze their future expectations of each other.

Very often couples who attend pre-marriage counseling may feel it as a private place to explore their opinions and views about marriage. Likewise, a couple reviews their communication skills and existing conflicts if any,  prior to getting married.

What exactly is pre-marital counseling?

Pre-marriage counseling is a type of counseling process and pre-marriage advice that helps the couple prepare to get married. It helps ensure couples to have a  healthier relationship and give a better chance for a stable and satisfying marriage. Additionally, counseling before marriage encourages the couple to identify their weaknesses in the relationship that could lead to problems after  marriage

Through pre-marriage counseling, a couple can explore their dreams, fears, differences and come to a better understanding of their future expectations.  Through our pre-marriage counseling, couples are advised to discuss various topics which give insight about what to expect from marriage.

  • Communication
  • Expectations, Beliefs, and values
  • Financial and money strategies
  • Marriage roles
  • Family Relationships
  • Decision making and resolve conflicts
  • Quality time spent together

In premarital therapy sessions, the couples will be asked to do a variety of pre-marriage assessments and activities together or separately. It is always better to understand couples level of compatibility in the existing relationship and in their relationship after marriage. Getting counseling before marriage is always a great way for couples to enhance their ability to analyze realistic expectations from each other.

What does pre-marriage counselors do?

Every pre-marriage counselor is unique in approaching the marriage counseling process for couples.  But there are few common factors in almost all pre-marriage counseling sessions.

  • Pre-marriage counselor encourages direct communication which gives a chance of talking and hearing each other.
  • A premarital counselor observes communication processes and makes suggestions on how to improve their relationships.
  • Pre-marriage counselor will guide you reach any problematic issues that might affect the strong and healthy relationship after marriage.

When you book an appointment with a pre-marriage couples counselor, you will be inquired about your relationship and issues that your relationship is facing.  Most often, couples are not already in conflicts but they attend sessions together to discuss their future expectations before getting married. This is the most common reason for couples to attend premarital counseling.

What are the advantages of pre-marriage counseling?

When differences and expectations are discussed before marriage, the couples can develop and find ways to support and understand couples with each other after marriage. The early interference is always crucial because the situation of divorce is normally at greatest early in the marriage.

Here are some benefits that you gain by getting pre-marriage counseling

  • Gains understanding

When couples are in love, they often ignore the things that they ultimately have to face trouble after their marriage. Pre-marriage counseling at Eeva focuses on these problems and helps the couple solve the pre-marriage conflicts.

  • Get professional guidance

You benefit guidance and suggestions from qualified marriage and relationship counselors. It gives you an unbiased and fair view on your relationship and how to end up a toxic relationship if addressed any.

  • Strengthen communication skills

Good communication is always a basic part of a healthier relationship. Without proper communication, there is nothing to support the relationship together and help it move calm and smooth.  Couples therapy or Couples counseling before marriage is an extraordinary way to support couples develop their communication skills for a happy marriage.

  • Set realistic expectations

Couple expectations before marriage can fall into different areas ranging from sexual intimacy to financial chores.  Open discussion on future expectations of respect and understanding each other leads to resolve conflicts before marriage. This removes emotional hurts and builds a happy and satisfying marriage.

  • Get tips on money and financial planning

The primary reasons why marriages turn bitter are money and financial issues. Many young couples do not have an idea of what is required to manage finances together as a happy couple.  Our pre-marriage counselors explore the meaning of money each partner has and explain the couples financial skills before they face issues after marriage.

  • Identify major conflicts

No two people have completely similar ideas regarding life factors of the future.  It is crucial to address any of the potential conflicts exists in a relationship before marriage. This process can be done through pre-marriage counseling to ensure stable relationships after marriage.

  • Discover new things of themselves

Pre-marriage counselors ask a number of questions while they are counseling couples preparing for getting married. Listening and understanding your partner's response is a perfect way to learn more about your partner.  Pre-marriage counselors help bring out vital information that the partner might have been hesitant to share.

  • Helps couples plan the future

Our pre-marriage counselors at Eeva work on more than just help couples talk about their existing problems in a relationship. Counselors also encourage couples to plan carefully about their future, set financial goals and find ways to achieve those goals.

Do couples need to be in conflicts to benefit from pre-marriage counseling?

No. Couples need not be experiencing conflicts or issues to benefit from pre-marriage counseling. Most of the couples attend simply to discuss their future expectations of marriage in an organized way. In the meantime, to understand what communication methods they use to connect with each other and resolve conflicts in the future.

Premarital counseling is specifically beneficial for couples where couples find it difficult to communicate directly about such relationship conflicts. Of course, couples with particular issues will benefit from the help and guidance of pre-marriage counselors who suggest ways to resolve these conflicts before the couple getting married.